Ensuring the safety of your home always starts with maintaining a strong and stable foundation.

Many pier & beam foundations shift due to environmental factors such as excessive rain or extreme drought, which can cause your piers to sink or rise. However, piers rarely sink or rise evenly, causing the interior of your home to become un-level. Water can damage the support beams and floor joists, which support the walls and floors of your home. Completely leveling a damaged foundation is often an extensive and costly process; however, in certain situations, there may be another option available for homeowners, foundation shoring/stabilization. Foundation shoring accomplishes three important goals for homeowners.

  • First, our team of specialists will address the damaged or rotten supports under your foundation.
  • Second, our team will take necessary precautions to help protect your home from water damage in the future; this may include installing soil to redirect water away from the foundation, replacing piers that have moved so drastically that they can no longer properly support your home (failed piers), or installing new support beams or floor joists to increase support in certain areas of your home.
  • Third, and most importantly, this process will save you the expense of attempting to completely level your entire home, but rather stabilize the foundation at the current level and prevent further movement.

When our representatives arrive to inspect your home, simply show them your areas of concern and ask if foundation shoring is a viable option for your New Orleans home.