Have you noticed some of these signs around your home?

  • Door and windows difficult to open
  • Cracking in sheet rock (especially around doors and windows)
  • Floor sloping or uneven
  • Stair-like cracks around your exterior walls
  • Large gaps between the baseboard and the floor

These are some classic indicators of foundation settlement. 

What is foundation settlement?

Water is the prime suspect when it comes to most foundation damage. When water is allowed to pond around the base of a foundation, it seeps into the soil underneath the piers. This destabilizes the ground beneath the foundation causing the piers to sink. The piers then settle in new locations causing unevenness within the home.

Additionally, foundations could be unstable because the piers are separated too much.

Is there anything else that could affect my foundation?

Yes. Foundation damage is not limited to the consequences of settlement; many other factors can contribute to unevenness within the home.

  • Rotten or inadequate lumber– All foundation rely on lumber for spreading the weight of the home uniformly across the supports. When lumber is inadequate of weakened by water damage, rotting or termite damage, then the wood becomes non supportive, resulting in bowing, bending or compressing between the supports.
  • Poor workmanship– Poorly constructed foundations pose a serious risk to any home. When contractors take shortcuts, the risk of foundation damage increases dramatically. Common examples of poor workmanship include utilizing inadequate material, failure to have a pier beneath beam joints, failure to have floor joists resting on top of support beams, and drilling through floor joists to run plumbing lines. These issues will undermine a foundation.
  • Broken or inadequate piers– Support piers are important in the construction of a foundation because the primarily bear the weight of the home. If these piers are non-supportive in any way, the damage to the home can be extensive. Improper construction or spacing of these piers will quickly undermine the integrity of the entire foundation.
  • Termite damage – Many piers and beams are 

If settled or damaged foundations are left un-repaired, the adverse effects to the home will continue to worsen and may even cause the framing of the home to warp. This mistake will cost the homeowner significantly more time and money because adjusting or replacing the framing of a home is no simple task. If you suspect that your foundation is settling or you have leveling issues, call Al Sanchez Construction today. We specialize in house leveling and foundation repairs in New Orleans and surrounding areas. All homeowners within 20 miles receive free estimates.

At Al Sanchez Construction LLC we strive to keep your home stable and safe for your family. With over 50 years of experience, we are the best choice for your foundation repair needs in the greater New Orleans area.